Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Secret Swap

I recently participated in the fabulous UK Secret Swap. Organized by UK people on Etsy, the UK Secret Swap is similar to a secret Santa idea. Basically, all that want to take part tell the organizer, then he finds out from them what type of item they would like to receive. Then, from this information, he works out who should get something from which seller. Each person makes something to send to the person they're allocated, and each person also receives a handmade item for themselves. If that makes sense!

I sent out a beaded heart to the lovely designsbylucy:

Secret Swap thing

And received a gorgeous tiara from the fabulous bizzybeetrinkets:

It was rather exciting getting the package. She'd put little hand-drawn flower stickers on it:

Secret Swap Flowers 2

And when I opened it up there was, in this beautiful little box,

Secret Swap Box

a little tiara,

Secret Swap Tiara

and a little pin:

Secret Swap Pin

I have no idea when I will wear this tiara, apart from modelling it for Flickr photos of course,

Headwear Wednesday 1 - Fairy

Headwear Wednesday 1 - Fairy

but, as Bee says in the thank you note, "I know a tiara isn't the most practical of items but I wear mine when washing up and you have such fabby hair that I couldn't help but make you one." Bless her :D


bee said...

OMG it looks beautiful on you.........hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Wear it to the supermarket.....dare you.

Sneddonia said...

Hahaha ... :D

Half-an-Acre said...

i love that beautiful beaded heart you made - lovely.
want one!