Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sneddonia on Facebook

Find my Facebook profile here:

I've also got a couple of Pages so you can become my fan! Hurrah.

One for my Etsy shop:
And one for my DaWanda shop:

I've also, as mentioned in my previous post, joined Fashion Central. I've since joined indiepublic too.


Saturday, 19 April 2008

New Things!

I've joined yet another social networking site (alongside MySpace, Facebook and VampireFreaks). This one's called Fashion Central and is rather fabulous. I joined about a week ago, and it seems cool so far. As the name suggests, it's all to do with fashion, and there's all kinds on there - designers, jewellers, models, photographers, etc. Seemed like a good place to network and promote oneself, so I joined.

I actually found out about it from the lovely Bunny who posted her profile on the Etsy forums. So thank you to her!

Also, I've started to make a few changes to my Etsy shop. It will have a darker theme, with richer colours used to photograph my work on, and some new items that are more gothic in style, for example this fella:

Skully Heart (365/25)

I'm trying to get some great colour combinations going in the thumbnails, just so the shop is as visually appealing as it can be. Rich, strong colours very occasionally punctuated by a pale blue or something, like these:

Blue Dragonfly - a pendant in steel and beads
Red Dragonfly - a pendant in copper and beads
Skully Heart
Spidey Pendant
Blue Hearts - a very long necklace

Which just happen to be the newest items in my shop :)

Thursday, 3 April 2008

I'm an April Fool!

And not just for posting this a couple of days after the 1st, lol. On April Fools' Day itself, I went into work just before 12, thinking that's when I started. I came downstairs to look at the rota and see where I was, and the manager then informed me I wasn't due in til 6! Doh. So I pootled around the shops then came home again. At least I got a few decent photos on my way in, so it wasn't an entirely wasted journey!

MillStTree1 MillStTree4
MillStTree5 MillStTree6

I've also nearly finished a necklace I've been working on for a while, called Charlotte. Why Charlotte? Well, I asked folks for ideas for names for my necklaces, and some UK Etsy friends came up with Charlotte, as in Charlotte's Web. All it needs now is a little more wire, which I've ordered off t'internet. Here it is so far:

365/10 - More designs for "Charlotte"
Final Designs for "Charlotte" 365/17 - Charlotte with spider

Talking of spiders, I've just made a new spidery suncatcher. Astrid is the little sister of Rosie. She is also a glamourous little thing, takes after her big sis, and is of course not scary at all, like some spiders can be. Because she likes anything pretty, she has woven beads into her web.

I made Astrid from two beads, one glass and one plastic, with steel wire threaded through and wrapped around them. This wire attaches it to the steel part of her cobweb. This cobweb was made from more steel wire, with copper wire and a mixture of glass and plastic beads in shades of green and blue. This cobweb has a loop at the top, to hang it from.

Astrid - a beaded suncatcher (365/18)

Also, Doctor Who's back on Saturday, yay!

SPT10 - Sneddonia Who?