Tuesday, 26 February 2008

New design - a long star necklace

My latest design:

Long Beaded Chain Necklace With Star Details

To create this long chain, I re-assembled a beaded chain from another necklace. I then made a star from steel wire and red beads, plus another wire star. I added these, plus two metal flowers, a small metal star and a red glass bead to the chain. The chain itself measures 76cm (about 30") long, and the main star pendant measures 5cm (about 2") high.

It's a great way to look individual, yet still on-trend. This long star necklace is fashionable, yet different to the jewellery you'll find in the shops :)

Long Beaded Chain Necklace With Star Detail Photobucket Long Beaded Chain Necklace With Star Detail

I also have another star necklace for sale. As the soft suede cord its pendants hang on is adjustable, this one can also be worn long, or adjusted to be worn short. This means that the pendants can be moved around, so that the wire star can sit on top of the plastic star, or so that the two elements are apart, however you want to wear it. Click below to go to its listing:

Double Star Necklace

Don't forget my other necklaces, all of which are also adjustable:

Purple Heart Pendant Cobweb Pendant in pink wire with pink cord Arachnid - a double pendant Green Heart Pendant Steel Cobweb Pendant with pink cord

All available at sneddonia.etsy.com

Happy shopping!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Pretty Flowers!

I'm such a girl :D

Look what I got from Clothcat! Look what I got from charlottenarunsky!

I love these type of brooches, and I'd had an eye on a few on Etsy for a while. I finally settled on the two above, from the lovely
clothcat.etsy.com and charlottenarunsky.etsy.com

Apart from buying things, I've also started a new job at New Look today. Eeek! No, it was good really :D

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sneddonia Designs at The Starkeeper

I visited a shop in Stourbridge with some of my work today, and they've taken some :) This shop is called The Starkeeper, and sells lovely gifts, jewellery, suncatchers, candles and other things. It even has a fairy section!

The items I've given them include:

Blue Beaded Bat Repurposeful Suncatcher

Plus items similar to these:

Butterfly Pendant Cobweb Pendant in pink wire with pink cord Blue Beaded Heart Wooden Heart- a pendant in copper wire and wooden beads Spiderweb

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Well that was short and sweet ...

That had to be the shortest unemployment in the history of me. Acme let me go on the first of this month, and I've been offered a job at New Look today :D So I start on Saturday.

In other news, I've done a new design:

Repurposeful Suncatcher

I've named it Repurposeful Suncatcher, because almost everything in it has been re-purposed. It measures just over a foot long, and consists of gems and beads hanging from, and held together by, chain and twisted steel wire. The blue glass beads and steel wire are new, but the other components are not. The purple plastic beads were originally part of a bracelet, and the chain and faceted plastic gems were re-purposed from this belt:

Gem Belt

It's not available on Etsy, (it's been given to a bricks and mortar shop) but something very similar will be soon. I also have a few other suncatchers similar to it. Click the image to go to those, and my other suncatchers:


Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Escape

For the past few days, I've been working on a painting called "The Escape", so called because it depicts a tree escaping from its frame. I'd bought a second-hand frame I bought from a charity shop, and took a while deciding what to do with it. I remembered an idea I'd had for continuing a painting onto its frame, so I made a start:

First I sanded the varnish off the frame:

Frame 1

Then added some woodstain:

Frame 2

After adding a thin coat of blue woodstain, I painted some branches onto the green, using glass outliner:

Frame 3

After painting the piece to go inside this frame:

Tree for Frame

I then added a trunk onto the green, using glass outliner, and painted a coppery brown within the outliner:

Frame 4

After that I felt that it perhaps needed more blue, to balance out the inside, so I tried a couple of things:

Frame with butterflies Frame with birds

In the end, however, I decided not to add birds or butterflies.

To finish the piece I wrapped some copper wire around the frame to hang it from. The curves and colours of the copper I feel compliment the glass outliner on the frame:

The Escape - a mixed media painting

This piece is for sale here on DaWanda.