Monday, 21 July 2008

Another new shop - Folksy

I've recently joined a new site called Folksy. It's still in its beta infancy, just like Etsy was not so long ago. The best bit about it is that it's UK based. So finally I can list my items in pounds, yay!

Click below for my Folksy shop:

folksy blog logo2
(button made by the lovely KMC, hurrah)

I've adopted Folksy as the new home for my tree sculptures. Here's what I've listed there so far:

Forest Gnarled


Half-an-Acre said...

i've just joined folksy too - I didn't find it that easy to make my shop there and noone seems to be selling anything yet! but its early days yet ... really like your blog especially as you are a fellow uk bod.

Sneddonia said...

Thank you, I like your blog too, it's amusing :) I shall bookmark it.

I know what you mean about Folksy not being as easy to use as it could be, but the Folksy people (admins and fellow members) have given me help and advice on the things I was confused about :) Also, like you say, it is early days, so they'll have the bugs ironed out soon! Since the site is still in Beta and very new, I really didn't expect it to be perfect and Etsy-esque yet. Although Etsy is of course not perfect, lol.