Sunday, 3 January 2010

My handmade year

Normal, organised people would post such a post on the 31st of December, or indeed on the 1st of January. However, having never been normal, or indeed organised, I am posting this on the 13th. 13 is my lucky number however, so there is method in my madness!

Last year's resolution was to buy something handmade at least once a month. Lack of money has meant that hasn't been possible every month, but I've still bought some fabulous things this year.

The first of those fabulous things was this gorgeous print by the ridiculously talented Deb of Champignons:

Alice in Wonderland (framed)

It came with some lovely free prints:

Alice in Wonderland, plus freebies

Two of which now reside on my ever-changing staircase wall of art.

Pictures on the stairs

Also in January, I bought this cute little print from Quite Contrary,

Quite Contrary Ruby Slippers

and, in February, I was able to afford to buy this gorgeous print from Linda Boucher:

Linda Boucher 3

The three prints hang in my bedroom, creating a little red shoe-themed triptych:


Take a look at this post for more about those :)

In March, I bought my Mum an adorable owl from Kool Kooky Kreatures for Mothers' Day.

June and July were somewhat batty, bringing with them as they did a Batcat ACEO from the truly fabulous Blacklilypie (I would buy her whole shop if I could afford it!):

Blacklilypie Batcat ACEO

It came with a gorgeous free postcard and stickers, yay!

Blacklilypie goodies

Batcat now lives on the shelves in my studio.

Batcat shelf

Plus, a very cute apple cinnamon scented bat sachet from,

Sachet Bat by Bat Girl

A postcard (plus one free!) from She's Batty (check out her card designs!):

And lots of Halloween supplies:

Halloween Supplies

I'd won a gift card for Aquariann's Artfire shop (another one whose whole inventory I'd buy if I could), so in August I felt the need to get me a little Tree Fairy print:

In November, I spotted that Claire Payne was having a little sale, so I snapped up a skully brooch for a bargainous price. I couldn't resist a cat brooch either, and, when the sticker-adorned package came, there was a free monster brooch too!

Also in November, I took advantage of a BOGOF offer in the lovely Illusio's Etsy shop. Not only did I buy one ACEO and get one free, I got two free, plus a postcard. Hurrah!

Those now live on the wall of art too.

Pictures on the stairs

So, with 2009 over, it's time to start concentrating on my resolutions for 2010. I need to generally look after myself better really - eat better, get out more and so on. Also to be more creative - I've really neglected my crafts lately (two pendants in three months is not good enough!) - and try to make something every day. So I've started the year with good intentions, but whether or not those are followed up remains to be seen ...