Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New things and featurings

After months of a kind of creative block, the past few weeks has seen me creating in wire again. Suncatchers featuring some of my favourite themes - hearts, skulls, the rainbow, stars and bats - have been popping up all over the shop.

Rainbow Beaded Heart - a suncatcher

Red Skully Heart - detail

Skully Heart - detail

Red Skully Star - detail

Purple Skully Star - detail

Purple Beaded Bat - a suncatcher

Blue Skully Heart - detail

Orange Beaded Bat - a suncatcher

In addition to this, I have also had my work featured in two places - the 'Gift of Art' Gift Guide campaign on Etsy's front page, in which they've used my 'Turquoise Star' piece:

Gift of Art FP

And also on ACEO Showcase, the new blog from the creator of Cuteable, who has featured my 'Midnight Moon' ACEO:

ACEO Showcase