Saturday, 28 June 2008

Day2Day - Take Five Ordinary Beauty

A few days ago I joined a lovely little group on Flick called Day2Day - Take Five Ordinary Beauty. The group is dedicated to the beauty of ordinary things, a concept I am very interested in myself. As an artist, I see the beauty in everything (or at least try to), and therefore look forward to participating in this group in future weeks. So here's my first five days:

I love painting, and often feel that the paint palette can become an artwork in itself. An idea which inspired Monday's shot:

Day2Day1 - A painting in progress

Lying back on the sofa in my boyfriend's games room, I noticed the interesting patterns created by the old lampshade on the ceiling. Hence Tuesday's photo:

Day2Day-2 - Light and Shade

I took Wednesday's photo for the simple fact that I love my bed (I'm quite lazy). I've been wanting this beautiful item for months, and my man finally bought it for us last weekend:


The fourth day, Thursday, is nothing more conceptual than ornaments in our living room:


Friday was another lazy day, and I thought my sparkly new slippers and favourite black PJ bottoms symbolised that quite well:


There's been no real visual theme to these first 5 days, but I look forward to a few themed weeks :) Thank you to Abiban for starting this rather interesting group!

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