Friday, 28 March 2008

Jewellery at reduced prices

As if my jewellery wasn't bargainous enough, I've just reduced two of my necklaces. First is my Spidey necklace, which is either a stylised version of Spiderman's face or a ninja, depending on how you want to look at it. Click the image below for the listing:

Spidey Pendant

He's been reduced from $10 to $8 :D

Next is my Double Star Necklace, which features two stars, hung on black suede cord. As the soft suede cord the pendants hang on is adjustable, the pendants can be moved around so that the wire star sits on top of the other star, or so that the two elements are apart, however you want to wear it. Click the image below for the listing:

Double Star Necklace

That one's been reduced from $20 to $15 :D

Don't forget my other necklaces. They're not reduced but they are still rather good value:

Purple Heart Pendant Cobweb Pendant in pink wire with pink cord Arachnid - a double pendant Green Heart Pendant Steel Cobweb Pendant with pink cord

All available at

Happy shopping!

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