Friday, 9 October 2009

Cutie Pie Pumpkin

I'd been admiring this little cutie for a couple of months, and finally bought her a couple of days ago. She popped through my letterbox this morning, and now resides in my living room.


She was created by a fellow Folksy seller, SeeTheWoods, who makes all manner of gorgeous things. Her plumpkins, pumpkins made from a variety of yummy patterned fabrics, are particularly lovely.

(Photo by SeeTheWoods)

Cutie Pie has now been added to the many Halloween decorations that live in my house. Here are just some of those:

Halloween decorations


Leanne said...

Oh I love all your halloween decorations, I'm trying to decorate a bit more this year.

Sneddonia said...

Thank you :) We have lots of Halloween decorations now - I just can't help adding to them every year! Especially when there's adorable things like your pumpkin (and Half An Acre's bats) to buy :D

GUGAW said...

haha very cute!!