Monday, 12 October 2009

A bat and a ghostie

This cute little fella arrived at my door on Saturday morning:

Half An Acre bat

He now resides in my living room with the other spooky guys:


He was made by by Half an Acre, purveyor of hand-painted wooden loveliness, and creator of the brilliant Widget the Sock Bunny concept (read about the ideas behind Widget here - very clever.).

In other news, my Small Ghostie (click the image below to go to the listing) has been featured in a couple of places. He was on Cuteable on Friday in their Flickr Friday feature, and today he's in the Autumn issue of UK Handmade magazine (check him out on page 83 in the Trick or Treat feature).

Small Ghostie - a beaded Halloween decoration

Thanks folks! x

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Jennifer Rose said...

aww cute little bat :) your little ghost looks good :D