Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bat Swaps

I've recently taken part in a couple of swaps - the first was with the fabulous Maya of Static White's Stitchery, in which I got a cute little batling, complete with detachable party hat:

Static White swap batling

Printers tray with bat

You should so check out her shop, which is full of awesomeness. She has other batling brooches, plus Scrap Bats and more. Do eeet.

In the other swap, the UK Handmade Secret Swap*, I received two adorable sock bats by Dreamknight:

UK swap - bats

So cute! You should absolutely check out her shop too - dreamknight.etsy.com, for doll clothing and curios :)

I felt the need to journal about these bat swaps (Is journal a verb? It is now.), including the bat sprinkles that came with the batling and a little foam bat sticker that came with the sock bats:



*The UK Secret Swap was organized by UK people on Etsy, and is similar to a secret Santa idea. Basically, all that want to take part tell the organizer, then (s)he finds out from them what type of item they would like to receive. Then, from this information, (s)he works out who should get something from which seller. Each person makes something to send to the person they're allocated, and each person also receives a handmade item for themselves. Yayness ensues.


Static White said...

Tag you're it! I got got tagged (see my blog) now it's your turn *heeheehee*

Here are the rules:

Name check and post a link back to whoever "tagged" you. Then answer the questions below and post them on you blog. Then it's your turn to tag at least 4 spooky minded bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog/my space/etc. Remember to include the image and the list of questions!

Here are the questions-

Q: Bat, Wolf or Owl:which are you?

Q: Name your fave spooky movie

Q: When did you last have the chills and why?

Q: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Have fun!


Sneddonia said...

Nooo, hahaha :)