Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New things and featurings

After months of a kind of creative block, the past few weeks has seen me creating in wire again. Suncatchers featuring some of my favourite themes - hearts, skulls, the rainbow, stars and bats - have been popping up all over the shop.

Rainbow Beaded Heart - a suncatcher

Red Skully Heart - detail

Skully Heart - detail

Red Skully Star - detail

Purple Skully Star - detail

Purple Beaded Bat - a suncatcher

Blue Skully Heart - detail

Orange Beaded Bat - a suncatcher

In addition to this, I have also had my work featured in two places - the 'Gift of Art' Gift Guide campaign on Etsy's front page, in which they've used my 'Turquoise Star' piece:

Gift of Art FP

And also on ACEO Showcase, the new blog from the creator of Cuteable, who has featured my 'Midnight Moon' ACEO:

ACEO Showcase


eva said...

creative blocks sucks! i'm glad you're creating stuff again:D

Cat said...

Congrats on the features and crafting again! How exciting to be on etsy's front page :)

Laura said...

Create, that was what you were born to do hun.

We all have the crappy blocks, I had one recently, then I was made redundant and in between job hunting, I've returned to making once more.

Congrats on being on the front page, it's nice seeing people you know make it to the front page. <3

GUGAW said...

ooh well done you for getting on the front page! picture looked fab x