Monday, 14 June 2010

Cute Inspiration

Inspired by icons of cute such as Hello Kitty:

and Miffy:

plus the handmade cuteness of Etsy friends, and other cute things in my collection;

Cute Inspiration

I am starting to move my work in a slightly new direction. Sort of a creepy-cute direction. Various cuteness seems to have been invading my studio lately, and the cute could not fail to invade my work too. And, being me, it comes with a creepy edge.

The creepy-cute invasion of my work begins with Evil Bunny. I'd say that his bark's worse than his bite, but rabbits don't bark.

Click the image below to see the listing:

Evil Bunny - an ornament in wire and beads

Look out for more creatures coming soon! Here's a few designs I've been playing around with:

In the meantime, click below to check out the new Creatures section of my Etsy shop for bats, cats and more:

Turquoise Cheshire Cat - an ornament in beads and wire

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Adelaide said...

I love all the items!