Saturday, 10 April 2010


I love my Etsy friends. They like to send me things just because they think I'd like them. The latest sweetiepie to send me pretties was maker of hand-embroidered goodness, Laura of LAMdesigns.

There are little cobweb baggies (which some lucky customers will get things in no doubt), one of which contained a cobweb eyepatch and little wire spider. Plus there were Moo cards, and a very sweet little note on equally sweet notepaper.

Pressies from LAMdesigns

Pressies from LAMdesigns

Laura says that she was going through her stash and realised that, as much as she liked these bits, that she was unlikely to use them. She knew I'd like them though, and sent them on to me. Thanks sweetie! x

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Laura said...

ehehehehe your most welcome!