Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow day!

Followers of my Twitter may have read that I was "Planning to be very creative" today - in other words, intending to spend the day doing a lot of painting and maybe even a bit of wirework. Well, the snow had other ideas. Much of today has been spent either watching the snow out of the window or actually being out playing in the snow, leaving little time for much else. But no matter. Days like this tend to bring a lot of inspiration, which makes up for the lack of actual work :)

Delph Snow 16

Delph Snow 14

Delph Snow 12

Delph Snow 11

Delph Snow 8

I have in fact got some 'actual work' done today - I've made a start to a painting that will eventually look a bit like the last of the above photos:


I've also made a sinister snowman - don't have nightmares! ;)

Snow hobbit

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