Saturday, 10 January 2009

Red shoes and resolutions

In amongst my more predictable New Year's resolutions, such as losing weight, I've come across a much more appealing idea - buying handmade. The idea came while browsing through the fabulous Hippy Of Doom's Flickr photos - she mentions in the description of this photo (an image of a pendant by the equally fabulous All Those Threes) that her resolution for 2008 was "buying something handmade for myself every month". A far more enjoyable (and doable) resolution than the well-meaning yet unrealistic ones that involve denying oneself things. As Hippy herself says, "I highly recommend it as a resolution - I have SO much awesome stuff now!"

So I'm looking forward to a year of awesome stuff, starting with this beautiful print by Champignons. I've been coveting it for months and have finally, with a little bit of Christmas money, been able to buy it.

Alice in Wonderland (framed)

Alice in Wonderland, plus freebies

Things are better in threes though (or so my OCD tells me), so there's going to be a row of three framed prints, all on the theme of red shoes. This print, by Quite Contrary, should be appearing in my house next week, no doubt chanting "There's no place like home". Although I'd be somewhat worried if a print could talk.


hippyofdoom said...

Aw thanks for the mention in this post! I hope you have lots of fun finding things to buy :D

I'll be writing my summary of my year of handmade soon, so you'll get all my tips then!

And great first purchase - champs was one of my January purchases too!

Sneddonia said...

You're very welcome, look forward to reading yours :D

ChichiBoulie said...

I like that resolution a lot!!

Buffy said...

Wow your work is amazing!

So glad I found your blog! Orf for a good ol' Nose ;)

~Buffy x x

eva said...

what a positive resolution!! :) if i had money to buy anything at all i would make a similar resolution...... all i can do is window shopping at the moment:O

ocd can be good if it's channeled right;)

Sneddonia said...

That's all I can do right now too, Eva :D I've still to buy the third print :)