Friday, 7 November 2008

An unlikely source of inspiration

A few days ago I took inspiration from an unlikely source - a Wallace & Gromit poster on my wall.

Wallace & Gromit Poster 1

Much as I love them, they've never inspired me to paint before, but looking at the background of that image I had an idea.

Wallace & Gromit Poster - detail

I'd been looking for something different to paint, something other than the trees and sunsets. So this simple landscape was a solution to that.

W. G. Moon

It's not a huge departure from my usual style, but it's something a little different. And it's inspired quite a few works in progress.


As has this sketchbook piece, painted a few days before, which was also an attempt to do something different (this attempt to do something different still ended up in painting trees though, lol).



I'm now newly inspired to paint, after a bit of a dry spell. Which is no bad thing.

Magenta Trees

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