Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sneddonia Designs at The Starkeeper - Part 2

Remember my recent blog post about my designs in a local shop? The place is called The Starkeeper, and you can find it tucked away in a little side street in Stourbridge town centre:

The Starkeeper

I've recently been back to the shop, and had a look at how they've displayed everything. I love what they've done! They've had some more stock in too since I last visited, and it really does look gorgeous:

The Starkeeper

Especially since some of my work is in the window display:

The Starkeeper - Window Display 2
The Starkeeper - Window Display 3

They've also got it on the wall and elsewhere:

The Starkeeper - Blue Beaded Bat
The Starkeeper - Blue Beaded Heart
The Starkeeper - hearts

So next time you're in the area, why not pay a visit?


niftyknits said...

that is so exciting! I've been pondering over whether I'm brave enough to tout to local shops. We've got a lot of gift places, get a lot of tourists, but ... I'm scared!

Hedgelands Glass Lass said...

Wonderful work Sned! Looks fabulous and hopefully you will sell loads!

cloudhopping said...

How exciting! Looks a lovely shop too. I'm not too far away so may have to plan a little visit!

Sneddonia said...

Thank you all! I hope so hedge :)

Don't be scared nifty, it's not too hard! You've got a great opportunity there if there's a lot of gift shops, and potential customers, round your way. Just work out what you're going to say to them beforehand, and you should be ok. Also, see what else those shops sell and whether your work would fit in. I'm planning to take some of my more gothic designs to another shop in Stourbridge.

Yay cloud, we should see what other Etsians are in the Midlands and have a Midlands meet-up. And maybe visit all the 'real' shops we sell at (if any!) :) What part of Staffordshire do you live in? I lived in Stoke at uni :) Or is it more the Lichfield end of Staffs (very nice)?

niftyknits said...

thank you, you're too kind. I really must summon up my courage and do it.